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Core Values
  • Faith FirstBelieve that you can, will, and do help othersUnderstand that the path to success will be difficult and not often linear

  • Teach OftenShare your knowledge and understanding with othersBe open to being a student so that you can later teach

  • Mercy & TruthAllow mistakes to be made, fail fast and move ahead. Do not shy away from hard conversations or situations

  • Take ActionPrioritize the most important things every day and work to accomplish themAllow imperfect action


1. Client business growth of 5%-15%+ per year
2. Increase client net profit by 5%-10%+
3. Client able to take time off
4. Client confident about being able to run better business
5. Client able to analyze metrics and change/support behavior to get desired       outcomes
6. Client referring 1 person per quarter
7. Client willing to give review or testimonial every 3-6 months

Our Team
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Manny Escalante brings real life experience as a business coach and business owner. Since 2003 he has helped business owners generate more revenue and take control of their lives.


He has worked with hundreds of business owners across the US and internationally that fall into 3 categories; businesses looking to break $1 million in revenue, those at $3 million to $5 million looking to scale, and those above $5 million looking to get to $10+ million.


Manny has a Bachelor and Master's Degree in Sports Medicine. He is Certified in OKR Leadership and Goal Setting and is a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist.


He's an avid runner, an occasional beer drinker and an outdoor enthusiast. He loves dogs, but loves Jesus and his wife much, much more.

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